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    Umbrella outdoor: Kate Skjerning

    19. januar 08 00 @ 19. januar 08 00 - 19. januar 17 00

    april – september

    For our new idea of a yearly outdoor installation, we invited Danish artist Kate Skjerning to develop a series of figures that freely reference the triadic ballet realized by Oskar Schlemmer in the 1920s.

    Although primarily a painter, Oskar Schlemmer was appointed head of the theater group at the Bauhaus in 1925, ushering in a period of theatrical experimentation. The Triadic Ballet, created before World War I but not presented as a finished work until after 1922, was intended for three dancers – one woman and two men. Schlemmer designed eighteen costumes for the ballet’s twelve choreographies, which were performed on yellow, white and black backdrops. The artist explained that building on triplets transcended the selfishness of the individual and the dualism of the couple and emphasized the collective.

    For Kate Skjerning, Schlemmer’s idiom, his color choices and underlying ideas are the starting point for creating a new series of sculptures that directly reference Schlemmer and can be seen as purely sculptural works made of used materials which will define the umbrella outdoor space in relation to the grass areas and the existing trees. In this way, Kate Skjerning, who is known for her textile sculptures, expands her oeuvre with variations which now also appear in the outdoor space and taking aspects of figure, color, permeability and light into account.

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    Lydumvej 95
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    19. januar 08 00
    19. januar 08 00 - 19. januar 17 00
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